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About us

Experflow Measurements began operations in 2000 as an engineering consulting and fabrication firm in the field of flow measurement and automation.

The founder of the company has an extentive background in engineering research in fluid mechanics, with a Master's degree in Fluid Power Research and over 15 years in industrial design and fabrication of DP-meters.

Experflow Measurements offers complete lines of Pitot tubes, Venturi meters, orifice plates, Wedge style meters as well as transmitters and accessories, all designed individually to meet specific flows rates for optimum accuracy, repeatability and high turn-down ratio (TDR).

Our meters are designed and fabricated individually for each application. We adhere to the highest Engineering Standards to ensure our flow measurement equipment is precise and accurate. Calibration services to NIST standards and device accuracy verifications are provided on request.

Our sales and engineering teams are well versed in the design, sizing, and application of each flow element, and have access to the latest drafting and simulation tools for best flow measurement results.


Solution oriented approach using scientific and engineering knowledge

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