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Wedge Style Meters • NPT Taps - Remote Seal - Chemical Seal
Performance Specifications
• Suitable for pipe sizes from:
1/2"(13mm) to 48"(1200mm)

• Integral transmitter mount 3 or 5 valve manifold
(Option - IT3V)

• Mass flow measurements with dynamic process
compensation for pressure, temperature and DP with
multivariable transmitter

• End connections:
- Threaded and Insert Types (up to 3"/75mm)
- Butt-weld and flanged (up to 2500psi/165 Bar)

• Insert styles are designed to be installed between
existing flanges (Series 200)

• Low Permanent Pressure Loss (PPL); High energy
savings, low pumping costs (1/2 of orifice plate)

• Design Standards: ASME/MFC-3M,ISO-5167,
ANSI B31.1 and BS-7045

• Materials: CS, SS, Alloy 20, Chrome Moly, Monel,
Hastelloy, Duplex SS, etc.
±1% of rate - uncalibrated
±0.5% of rate - calibrated
±0.25% of rate - calibrated
(combined with DP transmitter)
±0.1% of rate
Process Temperature:
Up to 2000°F (1100°C)
Pressure Rating:
Up to 3000psi (200Bar)
Minimum Reynolds Number:
50,000 Rd
Permanent Pressure Loss (PPL):
25 to 40% of DP (depends on pipe size and Beta ratio)
Turn Down Ration (TDR):
10 to 1 and higher with stacked
Discharge Coefficient:
Stable over the entire flow range
Maximum Viscosity:
Up to 5000 CP - CentiPoise (MPAS)

Pictures (click to enlarge)
With remote seals
With remote seals
With DP transmitter and RTD
With DP transmitter and RTD
2in Wafer Wedge
2in Wafer Wedge
Pressure loss chart
Pressure loss chart
4 in Wedge HydroStatic Test
4 in Wedge HydroStatic Test
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