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Venturi Meters • Classical - Insert - Short Form ASME/ISO Standards
Performance Specifications
• Suitable for pipe sizes from:
1/2"(13mm) to 48"(1200mm)

• Integral transmitter mount 3 or 5 valve manifold
(Option - IT3V)

• Mass flow measurements with dynamic process
compensation for pressure, temperature and DP with
multivariable transmitter

• End connections:
- Threaded (1/2" to 3")
- Insert Types (4" to 30")
- Butt-weld and flanged
(up to 2500psi/165 Bar)

• Insert styles are designed to be installed between
existing flanges (Series 200)

• Low Permanent Pressure Loss (PPL). High energy
savings, low pumping costs (1/3 of orifice plate)

• Design Standards: ASME/MFC-3M,ISO-5167,
ANSI B31.1 and BS-7045

• Materials: CS, SS, Alloy 20, Chrome Moly, Monel,
Hastelloy, Duplex SS, etc.
±1% of rate - uncalibrated
±0.5% of rate - calibrated
±0.25% of rate - calibrated
(combined with DP transmitter)
±0.1% of rate
Process Temperature:
Up to 2000°F (1100°C)
Pressure Rating:
Up to 3000psi (200Bar)
Minimum Reynolds Number:
50,000 Rd
Permanent Pressure Loss (PPL):
5 to 14% of DP (depends on pipe size and Beta ratio)
Turn Down Ratio (TDR):
10 to 1 and higher with stacked transmitters
Discharge Coefficient:
Stable over the entire flow range
Maximum Viscosity:
500 CP - CentiPoise (MPAS)

Pictures (click to enlarge)
2" Venturi npt connections
2" Venturi npt connections
3" classical flanged 900#
3" classical flanged 900#
14" classical 316SS
14" classical 316SS
24" Short form
24" Short form
ASME Venturi
ASME Venturi
Insert type
Insert type
With integral mount transmitte
With integral mount
3/4" brass Venturi with ball valve
3/4" brass Venturi
with ball valve
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